Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my planner?

When you purchase your new planner, you’ll find detailed instructions on downloading and using your new product to plan, schedule and create amazing videos!

How long do I have access to my planner for?

You have lifetime access to your new planner! The templates were created to be reusable!

Can I share my planner?

You should never share your planner with anyone. When you purchase this planner you are agreeing to respect the copyright statement on page 2 of your planner.

Can I use my planner next year and the year after?

Yes! You surely can. Your planner and planning tracker was created without assigned months so that you are able to add your specific months (and years) when you decide to use them.

Can I print my Planner?

Yes  you are able to print your planner and use it just as you would use a physical planner.

Can I use my Planner on my phone?

Yes, you are able to use your planner on your phone. Detailed instructions on this are inside of your planner’s tutorials.

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